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My personal preference is to create a shortcut on the desktop. To create a shortcut, double-click My Computer. Now double-click the Local Disk C:. Finally, double-click Dev-CPP — whew! Right-click the file devcpp. Drag the Shortcut to devcpp.

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Enter the following program exactly as written. You can cheat and copy the Conversion.

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Choose Save As under the File menu. Then type in the program name and press Enter. Within this, I created Chap Finally, I saved the program with the name Conversion.

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C++ For Dummies, 5th Edition, debunks the myths, blasts the barriers, shares the secrets, and gets you started. In fact, by the end of Chapter 1, you'll be able to. Welcome to C++ For Dummies, 5th Edition. Think of this book as C++: Reader's Digest Edition, bringing you everything you need to know without the boring stuff.

To build your Conversion. Nothing will happen at first sshh. If all goes well, a window like that shown in Figure appears.

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Figure Bad little programs generate errormessages inthe Compiler window. Guess pletely unrelated error. Had the compiler simply which one I vote for? There was once a language that tried to fix simple mistakes like this for you. From my personal experience, I can tell you it was a waste of time — because except for very simple cases the compiler was almost always wrong. At least it warned me of the problem so I could fix it myself. EXE program file and give it input to see how well it works.

I have no idea how they selected function keys. A window opens immediately, requesting a temperature in Celsius. Enter a known temperature, such as degrees. After you press Enter, the program returns with the equivalent temperature of degrees Fahrenheit as follows: Enter the temperature in Celsius Fahrenheit value is Press any key to continue.

Windows programs show the user a very visually oriented output, all nicely arranged in onscreen windows. Click a topic of interest to display help. You really need to get behind the wheel itself.

Programs are a bit like cars as well. All cars are basically the same with small differences and additions — OK, French cars are a lot different than other cars, but the point is still valid. Cars follow the same basic pattern — steering wheel in front of you, seat below you, roof above you and stuff like that.

C++ For Dummies®, 6th Edition by Stephen R. Davis

This pattern is already present in this very first program. We can review the Conversion program by looking for the elements that are common to all programs. I have copied this code into a file called Template. Clarifying source code with comments The first few lines in Conversion. These first six lines are known as comments. The compiler ignores comments. Youcan put any character you want in a comment. Some printers still default to 80 charactersacross when printing text.

A newline was known as a carriage return back in the days of typewriters —when the act of entering characters into a machine was called typing and notkeyboarding. A newline is the character that terminates a command line. Later in this book, I describe the one case in whichthis type of comment is applied. In fact, the programmer herselfmay forget what her program meant if she looks at it months after writing theoriginal code and has left no clue.


A statement is a single set of commands. All statements other than commentsend with a semicolon. Why nobody asked me about that remains amystery.

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As you look through the program, you can see that spaces, tabs, and newlines appear throughout the program. You may add white space anywhere you like in your program to enhance readability — except in the middle of a word: See wha t I mean? The variable fullspeed and the variable FullSpeed have nothing to do with each other. Writing declarations The line int nCelsius; is a declaration statement. A variable contains a value, such as a number or a character.

In this case, the value of x is 10, but we could have just as well set the value of x to 20 or 30 or —1. The variable defined on Line 11 is called celsius and declared to hold an integer. A variable must begin with the letters A through Z or a through z. Variable names can be as long as you want to make them. Each new word within a variable begins with a capital letter, as in myVariable. Try to make variable names short but descriptive. Avoid names such as x because x has no particular meaning. A variable name such as lengthOfLine Segment is much more descriptive.

The next line is exactly the opposite.

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For the remainder of the program, the value of celsius is whatever the user enters there. Calculating Expressions All but the most basic programs perform calculations of one type or another. Said another way, an expression is a statement that has a value. An operator is a command that generates a value.

The term equals is one of those ambiguities. Examining the remainder of Conversion. The value contained in the variable called factor calculated immediately prior, by the way is multiplied by the value contained in celsius which was input from the keyboard. The result is divided by and summed with The result of the total expression is assigned to the integer variable fahrenheit. You just clipped your first slide! Clipping is a handy way to collect important slides you want to go back to later.

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Using a subclass If your computer is becoming your boss instead of your servant, start using VBA to tell it what to do! A galanthus of operator idioms; providers structure far. So once you know the building blocks and know why were they put, you can be better programmer because you will understand the range of tools and whether your particular project demands such thing or not eg. Declaring Static Member Functions Globusz IS a due blog treatment, Featuring in such description boundaries. Implementing Abstract Classes

Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. Visibility Others can see my Clipboard. This workshop is for educational, not philosophical discussions. As people have questions on a chapter they may post them in our weekly chapter threads see below , to be answered by tutors see below and other students. Tutors may post additional questions to help test the students' understanding of the material. Each month there will be a programming project see below - designed to test a student's understanding of the previous chapters. Students can optionally complete these projects and post a link to their source code for review.

It's 5 editions have been widely read by many individuals and so it's had a chance to "mature.

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Now that we've chosen a textbook, specifically one with 4 previous editions, there will invariably be questions about needing to purchase the 5th edition of our textbook. I own a physical copy of a previous edition of the book.