Jews and Judaism in Modern China (Routledge Jewish Studies Series)

Jews and Judaism in modern China / M. Avrum Ehrlich.
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Further Your Research. Shanghai was an important safe-haven for Jewish refugees during the Holocaust, since it was one of the few places in the world where one didn't need a visa. However, it was not easy to get there. The Japanese, who controlled the city, preferred to look the other way. However, some corrupt officials also exploited the plight of the Jews.

By , nearly 20, European Jews had found shelter there. Late in the war, Nazi representatives pressured the Japanese army to devise a plan to exterminate Shanghai's Jewish population, and this pressure eventually became known to the Jewish community's leadership. However, the Japanese had no intention of further provoking the anger of the Allies after their already notorious invasion of China and their additional invasion of a number of other Asian nations, so they delayed the German request until the War ended. In general, in the period from to , more than 40, Jews came to China to do business or in search of a safe haven.

Structured Jewish life returned to Beijing in with the founding of Kehillat Beijing, an egalitarian lay-led community serving ex-patriate Jews from all over the world. Sara Imas, the Shanghai-born daughter of Shanghai's Jewish Club president, Leiwi Imas, became the first Chinese Jewish immigrant to Israel after the two countries established formal diplomatic relations in Leiwi Imas, who had to leave Germany for Poland in , arrived in Shanghai the same year.

He spent his final years in Shanghai until , prior to the beginning of the Cultural Revolution. Although Sara Imas's non-Chinese appearance and family background brought her much trouble during the Cultural Revolution when she was accused of being a foreign capitalist and spy, today Sara Imas has returned to Shanghai, working as the Chinese representative of an Israeli diamond company. Since the s, the Shanghai municipal government has taken the initiative to preserve historical Western architectures that were constructed during Shanghai's colonial past.

Many formerly Jewish-owned hotels and private residence have been included in the preservation project. In , the Kadoorie -residence-turned Shanghai Children's Palace, had their spacious front garden largely removed in order to make room for the city's overpass system under construction.

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As of , it is estimated that 2, to 3, Jews lived in Shanghai [ citation needed ]. In May , the Ohel Rachel Synagogue in Shanghai was temporarily reopened to the local Jewish community for weekend services.

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In , the Sephardic community of Shanghai opened a synagogue, study hall , kosher kitchen, and educational classes for children and adults. The community has its own hacham , who functions as a teacher and chazan , in addition to Rabbi Ephraim Bezalel, who manages local community affairs and kashrut needs. As of , over 50 mashgichim have been stationed in China, 7 of them from the Orthodox Union. As of , Harbin could claim a single Jewish inhabitant, septuagenarian professor Dan Ben-Canaan, who helped advise the local government on restoring the city's synogogues and other Jewish-related buildings.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Main article: Shanghai Ghetto. China portal Judaism portal. Jewish Virtual Library. Retrieved 15 December Speaking of China.

Retrieved The Tower Magazine. China and the Jewish People. The City of Light. Abacus, London Chinese fake away?

Serie: Routledge Jewish Studies Series

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IV, No. The History of the Bene Israel of India.

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