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10 Commandments for Motivating Language Learners
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The study was conducted during the second and third term of the academic year in an international school in Hong Kong.

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Using a MOLT observation scheme, a check list of motivated practices, five classes of each teacher were observed to gather data on their motivated behaviors in their classroom. Post lesson interview was also conducted with the students after the observed lessons. It is revealed that teacher motivated practice is associated with student motivational behavior and that Activity-Design-related practices are more prominent factors. On the other hand, it is also discovered that effective motivated practice are varied according to teachers i.

Ways of Motivating EFL/ ESL Students in the Classroom.

In short, the findings of the study might provide teacher insights on effective practices that enhance student motivated behavior and implications on classroom practice other that motivational strategies. Guy Burgess and Heidi Burgess.

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Ten Commandments for Motivating Language Learners: Results of an Empirical Study

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Motivating Language Learners to Succeed

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Filling the Information Gap.

Getting Inside the Pupils Heads. Attitudes Brought to the Classroom.

Motivating Language Learners

Influence of Home Environment. Pupils Perceptions of People from Other Countries. The Pupils Perspective from the Classroom. The Teachers Hats.